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Ages Of The Universe
Atheism Says It's Never
       Your Fault
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Christianity Is Evil
Christ's Last Miracle
Chaos Became Order
First Cell
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God Has A Plan
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Sexual Reproduction
Stonehenge Is An Accident
Suffering And God
The Evolution Delusion
The God Delusion's
What Atheists Believe
Who Made God?
Why Atheism Is False

God And Science
Reason To Believe
Italian American Press
Case Against Faith
The Irrational Atheist
Information Theory
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Do you want to think seriously and deeply about God? Then you should be interested in this book. “GOD?” presents ALL major evidence and arguments on both sides of the debate about God’s existence. What book have you ever read that DID that? "GOD?" simply yet clearly addresses: How first life formed, the evolution of species, the immortality of single-cellular life, the development of birth, aging and natural death in multi-cellular life, the astonishing complexity of a single cell and of life's molecular machines, the genius of the DNA language, human cell suicide, adult development from one fertilized egg cell, strange life forms, the scientific and religious creation stories for the universe, black holes, zero-point energy, earth's fantastically favorable environment for star-gazing, electrons, photons, neutrinos and other mass and energy particles of the universe, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle that sets a limit on knowledge, the wave-particle duality of light, dark matter and dark energy, teleportation, science vs religion, puzzling scientific and religious mysteries, the Big Bang beginning of the universe, early time flow vs. current time flow, Biblical questions, parables and valid prophecies, Jesus' life, miracles and Resurrection, the 14th century "faking" of the Shroud, the Sudarium, and more. It summarizes for the lay-person, those aspects of quantum mechanics, general and special relativity, particle physics and other sciences pertinent to the question of God.

Why do you believe – or why do you not believe? Do you really understand the basis for your belief? Are you rational enough to listen to both sides of the debate -- presented clearly, simply and logically? Click “Table Of Contents” and view the headings presented. Click “Index Of Book” to scan the book's index. For more depth click "Read Chapter 1” to view the full text of Chapter 1. Then click "Read Three Chapters" to see more.

Prices shown include all shipping and handling costs for U.S. delivery. Email bookgodqm@Yahoo.com for non-U.S. delivery charges. The book may also be purchased at Amazon (Books - Search for: "GOD?" "DeSalvo") or found at Google (Books - Search for "GOD? Reviews All").